UK’s first ‘poo bus’……. would you take a ride?

Check it out… a bus run on poo. Well in technical terms i guess we would say human waste biofuel. Im not completely sure about any of the emissions (mind the pun) from the bus, or any possible negative side affects, however its good to see efforts made to address several issues at one time: human waste and sustainable energy production.  Its ideas like this that need to be explored and supported if we are to address the issues of sustainable development!


Check out the article:

Do any of you know of any similarly cool ideas that have been implemented? I would love to hear about them.



One thought on “UK’s first ‘poo bus’……. would you take a ride?

  1. Over the last 6 months, I’ve become a regular runner. The fumes of stationary cars, vans and wagons is so hard to deal with when having to use lungs at full capacity. Would I take the bus – YES! But I would like to know what the potential ‘outputs’ are from a scientific perspective. I did come across something about a week ago about a technology developed in Holland to create electricity out of green roofs. I’ll look for the link tomorrow and post if I find it again.


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